Viscosity Controls & Ink Filters

Gama is an Italian based established manufacturer of press ancillary equipment, best known for their range of viscosity controls. 


GAMA s.r.l was established in 1992 from persons with experience of more than twenty years in the construction of ditta internaelectronic equipment for the industrial process control in the graphic field. The company was set up to solve, through an innovative way, the demands of the market in the paper, press and packaging sectors.  A company that constantly strived to innovate and propose new technological solutions with distinctive attention to the demand of each individual customer. Analysing the demands of the customer and the type of intervention each individual requires. Collaborating rapidly and in assiduous way with the customers. Encouraging and proposing new solutions and possibilities of innnovation for our customers.

GAMA build electronic equipment with advanced technology for applications in the paper field:


And system controls studied to answer to the demands of the customer. All the systems have been studied to obtain a better quality, decrease the times of stop and waste, with adjunct increase of productivity and profits.