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Setting The New Standards: Polyrema Filmstar 70-1200 equipped with Ultra Flat Plus

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

At the Open House in the run up to the K show mono-layer blown film will be tested on a Polyrema line under production conditions.

On the first day HDPE film will be produced while on the second day a biodegradable film from BASF resin and a mailing film will be run in cooperation with Total.

The critiziced ubiquitous HDPE films used as ultra-thin T-shirt carrier bags for fresh produce are one of the reasons for the growing trend towards the new ecological films which are demanded above all in France today. Manfred Kurscheid says: "Shopping bags made from this kind of film can be reused as bio-waste bags or they can be composted. The new line can produce both types of films: classical and biodegradable ones!“

However, the focus of the event will not only be on ultra-light bag film. POLYREMA will demonstrate that the capabilities of mono-layer lines are far beyond this application: With an additionally installed Ultra Flat Plus unit it is possible to produce a high-quality film of clearly increased strength and flatness which can be laminated and coated. Marcel Perrevort, Sales Director at POLYREMA, states: "This film can also be laminated with paper to produce, for example, the typical wrap film for butter packaging or butchery products."

A further highlight to be presented by POLYREMA for the production of biofilm is a special screw cooling system installed in the Reifenhäuser extruder. "The optimal processing temperature of the raw material is relatively low. The cooled screw enables gentle processing conditions for this material“, explains Marcel Perrevort. Although it produces "only" mono-layer film, the line is equipped with a two-layer blown film die head. "The melt is divided in the blown film die in a ratio 50 to 50 and then combined again into two layers. As a result, the film structure is improved in terms of stability and strength, despite of using only one raw material," comments Manfred Kurscheid.

When using the Ultra Flat Plus haul-off for stretching biofilm, higher strength and stiffness can be achieved resulting in a considerably improved conversion of the film. In addition, the system enables film thicknesses that are extremely difficult to be obtained using conventional methods.   

Polyrema will also present in Düsseldorf on the Reifenhäuser Stand C 22 in Hall 17 a "cold" exhibit showing a 7-layer Micro line with seven extruders and a 7-layer blown film die head with IBC suitable for dies from 100 to 200mm. This line can produce both narrow-width PE film and barrier and high-barrier blown films. The advantage of the Micro blown film lines is a 1:1 transfer of production data to larger production lines. This saves time and raw materials in the development of new products and applications.

Rte _full _Polyrema _7_layer _Micro _line _0052_kl

Polyrema 7 layer Micro line in production

Rte _full _Polyrema _Ultra _Flat _Plus _oriented _draw _tapes _2195_kl

Ultra Flat Plus oriented draw tapes at the winder