LabelMounter Auto
LabelMounter Auto

The Camis LabelMOUNTER Auto Is a fully automatic mounting machine that can handle all types of formats up to 600mm wide.

With a complete mounting time of around 60 seconds the LMA provides complete control and precise registration, not just at the dots but all the way around the sleeve.  This new mounting technology ensures that, over the entire repeat length, the plate is automatically monitored, aligned and applied to very high levels of accuracy.

The machine can be tailored to meet the specific demands of the printer; it can be supplied to use traditional shells, as well as geared cylinders and or sleeves.   These simple plug and run systems allow the printer to swap between presses on one simple and effective automatic mounting machine.

The Camis LMA is an individual technology platform for Flexo Print 4.0 and can work with all types of register marks: - crosses and microdots as well as Esko Smart Mark technology.   

Label Mounter Auto

Each printing plate can receive its own specific data matrix RCC9 job code. This will allow the plates to be automatically identified and organized via the LMA job management system.  The code provides the LMA with the information about the press that will be used for the print run, the colour assigned to the plate and of course its position in relation to the print cylinder.

The LMA automatically detects registration marks within a few seconds & controls the image position of each plate relative to the plate’s mounting position, virtually eliminating any press start-up waste caused by mis-registration.  This easy-to-use link provides computer controlled quality assurance for the correct positioning (right way up) of the images on the plates.   The precision of the plate mounting process is automatically recorded and indicated via the job management system.    As a result, human based errors and incorrect plate mounting are eliminated thus increasing press efficiency whilst considerably reducing ROI to a few months.

Using standard register marks, mounting accuracy is around 5 microns, whilst when using Esko Smart Mark technology this accuracy is increased even beyond this figure, allowing the system ideal take advantage of the smaller dots and higher precision available with HD flexo.