Flexographic plate Mounting Machinery

Total Work Flow Control in Wide Web Plate Mounting

The Camis range of sleeve change and cylinder based plate mounters are designed to remove the manual errors that lead to incosistant regitration and print quality.


Available in widths over 2000mm wide with repeats available upto 1800mm, Camis Total Work Flow Control Plate Mounters are available in the following camera configurations:-

  • Twin "Easy Tune" Manual cameras
  • Four "Easy Tune" Manual Cameras with 2 split screens
  • Six "Easy Tune" Manual Cameras with 3 split screens
  • 2 "Easy Tune" Motorised Cameras with Data Recall and Job save facility

They can be supplied as a dedicated Sleeve change machine, or combination sleeve/cylinder machines in:-

  • Mid Web versions, up to 1250mm repeat or
  • Large Repeat Heavy Duty versions up to 1800mm repeat

Picture 047

Controlling all aspects of the plate mounting process allows clients to achieve higher levels of repeatability, standardisation (from operator to operator and job to job) with increases in press uptime and print quality.

In addition to the Plate Mounting range camis have also devoloped the new standard in Plate and Tape Demounters, the DMTS.