CBG Acciai
Printing Doctor Blades


Printing and coating doctor blades

CBG Acciai is a family company established in the 1930’s, with the fourth generation at the helm. The company specialises in the transformation of Swedish strip steel into high precision products, with printing doctor blades being the main company focus, CBG doctor blades are used by many of the top blue chip printers and converters in all corners of the globe.

CBG Acciai adopts electronic and visual controls performed during the whole manufacturing cycle ensure the best quality of every single mm among the millions meters produced every year.

New state-of-the-art machines, equipment and instruments are continuously installed in order to maintain and improve our quality standard, to increase our productivity and minimise the environmental impact.

CBG Acciai printing doctor blades are usually supplied in 100 meter rolls packed in special anti-corrosion cardboard boxes, to protect them during transportation and storage.

Each box acts as a dispenser, allowing the strip to be easily pulled out without opening the package.

A further peculiarity of CBG Acciai packaging is that each box is vacuum wrapped under inert gas for the maximum protection against atmospheric corrosion.

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