Press Parts Washing Machines

Renzmann -wash

For the cleaning of small & large press parts, pails, doctor blades, anilox sleeves and rollers & miscellaneous items, Renzmann cleaning systems are ideal. Rotating spray heads and solvent jets ensure that small pieces in the production process are cleaned to a sanitary level - whether it is for food packaging, medical, or industrial grade.

Renzmann cleaning equipment is engineered specifically to accommodate all sizes of press and machine parts. All Renzmann cleaning systems meet regulatory and safety standards, while providing a level of automation to save manpower and time. Technologically superior systems provide a level of sanitary washing which cannot be matched by hand washing, as well as, safeguarding employees from harmful chemicals and their fumes.

Renzmann Washing machines are used for a variety of washing applications:

  • Printing press parts such as ink trays and doctor blades
  • Gravure and coating machine cartridges
  • Ink bucks, totes and IBC’s
  • Anilox sleeves, coating rollers and Gravure cylinders
  • Rotary screens
  • Ink pumps

With over 200 installations in the UK & Ireland, Eurograv can offer full installation, start-up and commissioning on Renzmann equipment as well as on-going training and service packages.