Log roll winding and tape slitters

FEBA manufactures a wide variety of semi-automatic slitting and rewinding systems for the adhesive tape markets. Duplex slitter rewinders for large diameter rolls, twin turret slitting and rewinding systems for high production converting and rewinding machines or loggers are all manufactured by FEBA Converting Machinery Srl. Materials like BOPP, masking tape, filament, duct tape, PVC, double sided tapes, PSAT, laminates, & films are most commonly slit & rewound on these style machines. All FEBA slitter rewinders can be fitted with a variety of unwinds and "jumbo" roll handling features. The choice of rewind shafts and tension controls will vary depending on the type of material(s) being slit. A variety of optionals can be fitted including; mechanical trim recovery, tab-application units, automatic transversal end cut, "banana" or spreader rolls, automatic core loader in line with the slitter rewinder & automatic rewind shaft transfer systems. Slitting systems are available as; razor blade, either "in-air" or "grooved", scissor cut-shear knives (standard or tangential) or pressure cut-score knives (normal-lubricated & heated type) with the type of slitting set-up is determined by the materials to be converted.

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Picture of a log roll winder