Plastic extrusion and processing machinery

Reifenhauser Cast Sheet Coating develop and manufacture complete cast film lines, sheet lines and extrusion coating lines as well as individual components such as dies and winders. Since all of these units use similar technology, Reifenhauser can transfer our experience and innovations from one process to the other. The result of this transference: multiple good solutions for our customers.

Cast film lines - the highest level of quality

Cast films produced on chill-roll lines have become an indispensable product in the packaging industry. They provide both versatile and high-quality options for safe and economic packaging of everyday products. With the development of advanced line concepts, Reifenhauser has conquered a leading position on the market for cast films. Cast films are extremely versatile and are used to package a wide variety of products. Whether as single- or multi-layer version, depending on the special requirements, they play a decisive role in packaging of foodstuffs, pharmaceutical products and sanitary products. They have become indispensable for organising offices and in textile packaging. Everybody is familiar with cast films as decorative packaging for flowers, and other florist products.


Lines for polished / thermoforming sheets - versatile, economic, indispensable

Thanks to the wide scope of possible applications, thermoforming sheets made of high-quality raw materials such as polystyrene, polypropylene or polyester have become an integral part of everyday life. For many decades, sheet lines have been a standard feature of Reifenhauser product program. In addition to the versatility and profitability of our technical developments, their main target and tasks are meeting the product demands of our customers. Everybody comes across thermoforming sheet products regularly on the shelves of the supermarket. Whether in the form of yoghurt or ice cream cups, margarine or milk containers, or as trays for TV or microwave meals or as blister packs, thermoforming sheets have become indispensable for transport and protection of foodstuffs and drinks. This is not the only place where we daily meet polished sheet products - they also abound in the office and especially in our cars. The automotive industry in particular uses thermoforming sheet with smooth or embossed surfaces for high-quality inner panelling.


Extrusion coating lines

Create adhesiveless composites of high quality by combining films with other materials such as paper, textiles or nonwovens. The plastic film is produced and further processed on our extrusion coating lines in a single space conserving and energy efficient operating step. High-end composites are used in the construction, automotive and hygiene industries. You can benefit from the competence of the Reifenhäuser Group, especially in the field of manufacturing of composites based on nonwovens. Applications for the coating of nonwovens and textile materials inlcude: Roof underlays, car interior lining and even diaper backsheets.

High-quality packaging made of paper, aluminium foil and BOPP or BOPET film are combined into a highly functional single- and multi-layer composite using the extrusion coating method. Reifenhäuser can draw on long-term experience in the extrusion. Applications for the coating of paper and film include: coffee packaging, flexible barrier packaging and beverage cartons.

Single-screw extruders, co-rotating twin-screw extruders and counter-rotating twin-screw extruders

Our customers can benefit from the group’s experience in extrusion gained over more than 60 years and the know-how of its 1200 employees. 

As experts in extrusion technology Reifenhauser are both a technology and innovation provider for their customers and partners. What is the extruder technology going to look like in the future? Reifenhauser development engineers are collaborating with universities and research institutes to give the answer to this question. They carry out regular trend analyses to develop extruder solutions, processes and technologies that go beyond the standard.

Reifenhauser can draw on over 60 years of experience in the development and manufacture of extruders for the processing of thermoplastic materials. They have not wasted their time: Today, Reifenhauser are among the few manufacturers who have all commonly used extruder designs in their product portfolio. Therefore, they can offer customers ready-made solutions for many applications. However, their development engineers are also looking forward to coping with specific challenges and new applications. Reifenhauser adapt anything that does not perfectly meet the requirements of their customers to their individual needs or develop new solutions.

Reifenhäuser single-screw extruders form the basis for high-quality plastic products. Their portfolio includes technical solutions ready for use in many applications. However, they also develop individual screws and specific screw geometries, depending on raw material and product requirements.

Use the Reitruder (co-rotating twin screw) for the compounding of heat-resistant polymers and recycled PET flakes, or for direct extrusion in extrusion lines – to save raw materials for production on a high-quality level.

With Reifenhäuser Bitruders (counter rotating twin screw), you can produce pipes, profiles, sheets, pellets, and many other high-quality products very economically. Bitruders are the first choice when gentle material processing is required.