Diamond HP 808

The Diamond HP is the ideal answer for top converters who require increased flexibility and consolidation of equipment to streamline operations.

  • High speed press reaches a maximum printing speed of 600 m/min (2000 fpm).
  • High productivity.
  • Drastically reduced job changeover times.
  • P2P: Dynamic adjustment system to control the printing pressures.
  • SprintWash: New automatic washing system.
  • FlexoSmartPackHP: Uteco engineering platform for improved performance and profitability in high speed flexographic printing.
  • ShopWareHP Production Management, Control & Monitoring: easy machine–operator interface to manage high–productivity.
  • LogiPack: Automatic handling of reels and cores.
  • 98 Solvent Capture.
  • UL Certified Electrical Enclosure.