Onyx In–Line

The Onyx SIL is the in–line version of Onyx range using Onyx deck technology in in–line applications. This press can be equipped with as many in–line stations as required by the customer. The press is completely gearless and equipped with single motors on counter pressure rollers, all connected via an electric line shaft. Servomotors are installed on plate cylinders (direct drive) and anilox sleeve cylinders. Both the printing plate and the anilox use sleeve technologies to facilitate fast changeover.

This machines technology is mainly used for printing on paper, paperboard and aluminum but can also print labels and materials laminated with aluminum for packing of special food or juices.

The Onyx SIL can be equipped with alternative drying systems as well as with heat curable energy systems such as UV lamps or an EB group, or any combination required by the customer.

In line rotogravure units are often used to apply lacquer or varnish in line with printing, as well as to apply adhesives to perform in line lamination.

  • In–line viscosity control.
  • SPRINTWASH® Automatic washup system.
  • Flying job changeover possible on unused printing decks.
  • Automatic register control between colors.
  • Video cameras for front and back printing inspection.
  • Automatic set up of print pressure at press start up.
  • Possibility of front and back printing.
  • Electric, diathermic oil, steam or gas heating systems.
  • Motorized air recirculation systems with LEL control.
  • Wide range of winders.
  • Logipack® for printed roll and core handling.
  • In–line slitters.
  • In–line die cutters.