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Laserclean laser cleaning of ceramic anilox rolls

The anilox roller is the heart of the printing process and a clean roller is essential. However, anilox rollers get clogged with ink, residues and polymers. As a result, the cell volume becomes too low and surface tension reduced.

Laserclean develops, produces and sells state-of-the-art machines for laser cleaning of ceramic anilox rolls. With 28 years of experience Laserclean masters the use of relatively high powered lasers combined with fast revolving rollers.

Their cleaning technique uses laser light which consists of photons. These are the smallest particles that exist and can reach the bottom of the small cells of the anilox roll.

After cleaning with laser, the volume of the roller is back at the maximum level and can be used again immediately.

Laserclean’s innovative machines are designed for fast, easy and efficient cleaning. They offer the newest technical solutions such as autofocus laser optics, built-in camera, customised and pre-programmed cleaning programs.

Next to the sale of machines, Laserclean also offers laser cleaning of ceramic anilox rolls at your doorstep with a service truck. The cleaning can then take place offline or online right when you need it.

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